Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Katanya Blade - One of MY MOST Favorite MILFs in the Whole World!!!!

Greetings Blog Readers!!!

Today, I bring you one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MILFs!!!

Today, I bring you Katanya Blade!!!

Katanya Blade is a MEGA SEXY Red-Headed MILF that has been in the Porn Industry for some time!!

I am a serious fan of Katanya Blade!!!

I do have some of her stuff in my "personal stash"!!!

Katanya Blade seems to give off this "Very Bad (BUT OH SO MUCH FUN) Girl feel to her.

Gentlemen, if you wish to give you Mom a "Heart-Attack", this is the sort of Woman that you should bring home and announce as your "Fiance"!!!

This is precisely the kind of girl that Mom warned us about!!!

She sort of reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends (we won't go there)!!!

Katanya Blade is a GORGEOUS Model!!!

She has a GORGEOUS Face, and a very "Mischievous" Smile (An Irresistible trait for me).

She also has an AWESOME Body!!!

She has VERY, VERY Nice Large Tits, and a VERY NICE Figures (Nice ASS and Curves Included)!!!

This particular posting of Katanya Blade comes to us from our friends at "Old Spunkers" (a Premier website dedicated to GORGEOUS MILFs and Mature Women - Just Like Katanya Blade).

In this posting, I am going to give you two things that pertain to Katanya Blade!!!

1. A MEGA HOT set of Pictures of Katanya Blade (posing, stripping, and showing off her AWESOME ASSets), and

2. An ULTRA HOT Video of Katanya "getting busy" with some VERY LUCKY Male Model!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to Check Out the Picture and Video Sets of Katanya Blade!!!

In order to improve the knowledge base of our Porn Fan, I have included some additional facts about Katanya Blade (see below)

Model BIO:

Name: Katanya

Age: 38

Bust: 34DD

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 125 lbs

Birth Place: Youngstown, OH

Favorite Place: Costa Rica

Favorite Food: Vegetarian, any kind of seafood

Occupation: Porn Star, Dancer

Hobbies: Scuba diving, Horseback riding, Motocross

Ideal Man: A guy that likes to cook, kick back, very into X-Treme sports

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW to SEE A LOT MORE of Katanya Blade and the many other GORGEOUS MILFs and Mature Women at "Old Spunkers"!!!


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